Anyone watching the Bachelor premiere tonight?


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  • Love the bachelor bahahah... ill wait until most episodes are aired then watch a bunch in a row

    • Lol I used to do that haha

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    • Huh uh... lol im sure id have a different opinion on these fine bachelor girls.

      I prefer the bachelor, cause i get to see so many sexy girls. Remember juan pablo? Lol

    • Juan Pablo the A-hole. He wasn't as hot as the Bachelor Brad who had the twin Tad lol

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  • NO what channel or tv program is it on?

    • ABC channel

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    • I did! They always have to have a crazy one... or two hahahah

    • Lol i know right!! I hate that throughout the show they're going to make Olivia look bad because I really like her. But yea Lace is loco and should go. I also was surprised he kept the Russian Shoshunna because she doesn't speak English and he seemed super confused

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