Has there ever been an entire video game franchise that never failed to make you feel a lot of sorrow and cry?

If so, tell me which video game franchise was it (Not just one game, just the franchise overall)?

For me, it's the Metal Gear Solid franchise. Just watching the Boss' death in MGS 3 Snake Eater, Big Boss learning that killing his mentor (The Boss) as a mission was a planned set-up by the CIA in MGS Portable Ops, Emma Emmerich's death in MGS2, Meryl's death in MGS PS1(despite that it's a non-canon death), Raiden's sacrifce in MGS4, and Big Boss's death in MGS4 constantly puts me in a lot of sorrow. :'(

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  • The few I can think of have been the majority of Rune Factory games, a handful of harvest moon games have sad things in them, and I just finished Life is Strange which was pretty crazy and it left me pretty sad.

  • Yes, Final Fantasy... especially FF 7.


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