Who got wasted & partied their asses off in New Years😅?

Who got wasted & partied their asses off in New YearsπŸ˜…?

Man I think I blacked out that day, my apartment has a boons around the whole complex, it's huge! Big ass 4 foot long nick birds walking around it and gold fish and coy fish the size of a human head.😧 (they don't bite though but the birds will bite you if you mess with their babies, anyway man I don't remember making it home that night,

I just remember sittin home alone like a loser and then I got dressed up and went to Hollywood. Anyway I knew I was drinkin like a fish outta water though.πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜ͺ🍺🍻🍸🍹

Did anyone else get drunk or do you recreational drugs? imnow some of you do your drugs and shit it's cool.😌 I'm not here to judge or label you. dl whatever makes you happy

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  • I smoked a a lot
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  • I did nothin
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  • I drank and smoked!
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  • I did other drugs to though.
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  • I drank but I wasn't wasted so I can't answer your poll


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  • I spent mine with my family. Had a glass or two of wine only.


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  • I only had 2 glasses of wine

  • Nothing for me. I spent the evening in my shop.

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