What Do You Think Of PanDora's New Station That They Have Created December Of 2015 For Their Users - PanDora's ThumbPrint Radio?

I Logged Into Pandora one day, due to not logging in a very long time (3 months), this was on my phone i noticed that i got some new feed that needed to check, and then i discovered that this New feature that pandora has created, called thumbprint radio, so i tapped on it and it created a new station with small introduction to the station, and i was like: okay... pandora i see you! Doing big things now. as soon as i heard all of my favorite songs that i thumbed up i was like: YES! This is what I have looked for, so glad that they have created this, I hope this is permanent. What do you guys think of ThumbPrint Radio? Is it everything that you expected it to be? Do you think it will be a permanent station or is this just a temporary station for testing?


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  • That's so cool. Im going to do it when I get back to my phone.

  • I don't use Pandora. Spotify is bae

    • LMAO! U Clearly Have No Life If U Think SpotIfy Is Bae! HAHA! Funniest Thing I Heard All Night!!!

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