I'm trying to improve my ballet skills, any tips?

Yesterday I started a summer ballet class which is everyday (except for saturdays and sundays) and my teacher suggested that I enter the intermediate class. I started ballet when I was 4 years old and quit when I was 11. I restarted the day I turned 16 and I turned 17 today :D. There are many extremely ADVANCED girls who look like they're 13~15 and they make me feel insecure and inferior. I really don't want them to see me doing anything because I don't want to feel judged. I'm really going out of my comfort zone even by going to this summer thing and I really don't want to quit because it's what I always do whenever I feel insecure and uncomfortable. I can barely do one pirouette and my piqué turns are wobbly and awkward (I can never go in a straight line) and on top of that my turnout sucks and I'm not very flexible... :( If anyone has any tips for me (like exercises I can do at home) or any words of encouragement that would be nice :)
I'm starting to feel worse about the situation (not because of the comments) and more anxious/nervous about my class today.. I think I'm scared of being laughed at and looked down on.


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  • I don't know ballet but for flexibility maybe try a bit of yoga

  • First rule of life is... There's always going to be someone better than you.

    The question you need to ask yourself is... Why are you dancing? Is it to be the best dancer or is it because you love to dance?

    I don't have any advice for dancing itself. My only advice is to maintain your focus on why you're dancing. If you're not dancing for the love of it, maybe it's time to stop.

    This is coming from a 40+ yr old guy who took up a very physical and demanding sport (hurling - https://youtu.be/fgEMvRrOCRI) in his late 30s and was DOMINATED by guys in their 20s. I was never picked to be part of the traveling team or even one of the average players on my club team. So why did I play? Because I felt alive out on the pitch.

    Focus on the why you dance and don't worry about who is better than you.


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  • Just keep practicing what you do in the class at home! They teach you the best exercises there.
    As for flexibility, sit in stretched positions when you watch tv, when you do homework, whenever. Put your foot up on the sink and stretch your leg when you brush your teeth. Any time you can find to stretch will help.
    And I'm sorry that you feel inferior, but you shouldn't! You're in the class to learn! It's okay to not be great when you start out!
    Good luck!


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