What does Jimmy Eat World's song 'Work' mean, in your opinion?

Surely some people on here must have heard of them...


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  • Great song, Futures, Bleed American and Clarity are awesome albums but I haven't heard anything else from this band.

    I never gave much thought on the song but there's a part it sounds like they are on a bar, or a disco place and the guys is asking the girl for a chance and then see what happens from there.


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  • 'Work' is about doing something you know you shouldn't be doing... It's about walking into an unhealthy situation, on purpose. Which could mean it's about an interoffice romance

    • So, could it be about about a relationship or more say about maybe having sex with someone?

    • Honestly listening to the song. It's about having sex with someone. But that's the beauty of music it means something different to anyone. What I said was the artist meaning of the song. There are songs that I love and relate to good things in life to watch the music video or hear what the artist was thinking to find out it has the opposite meaning to what I think.

    • Yeah, it definitely does sound like its about sex. Personally I can't figure if it's like one night stand sex or about sex with a girl he really cares for.

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  • I've heard the song a few times... still hard to really understand the meaning. From the music video with the lyrics.. it seems to be about growing up, expanding your horizons while you can?


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