What u think of our photo shoot?

What u think of our photo shoot?
This is a photo shoot my wife and I prepared for our newborn girl soon to arrive! What do you think? 1-10 rate please. I made the baby bed myself and my wife prepared and arranged it all. We're gonna put the headband and the wrap on the baby when she gets here
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  • It's difficult to put a rating on it. Here's my thoughts on it...
    -- baby bed design and stuff is cute. Nicely made!
    -- It needs a darker color or contrast or something. It is all very earthy light tones and I would say that this is the biggest problem with it. The color scheme I would say could use some work. Granted, all this is very subjective. I believe it is because the wood here is very light and the ceiling is light as well. If the baby bed was dark it'd be fine but it is light as well along with the blanket.
    -- Maybe the blanket could be darker and it would fix the problem? I don't know.

    I would rate it ias a 6-7 range. Like I said though, nice bed :)


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  • I think it looks very cute - Will be good with darker backdrop or a rug on the floor

    • Ya we have a darker backdrop coming in lol or at least the part on the floor is really dark wood. The part on the wall will still be a bit light

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