Has anyone else here fiddled with making their own language?

I'm working on one now that combines mostly Germanic + Sanskrit vocabulary and grammar, with Swahiliesque noun classes and East Asian emotion markers. I have completed the noun declension paradigms and am presently focusing on systematizing verb conjugation rules. Does anyone else do this kind of thing?


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  • I dabbled for a bit a while ago, but I'm working on it. I have my own alphabet based on sounds. So I got about 30 letters. I got the idea from stumble upon and seeing a page about how to write in elvish, which is based on another few languages. So I kinda templates that. It fluid like script, but looks more more like Arabic than anything else. I haven't gotten into the lexicon of it or anything, but the language and speaking is probably gonna reflect it like French. I haven't really worked on it beyond the writing, but maybe 1 day I'll focus on it more as a side project in the future

    • Cool. :-) I would've liked to do a linear type script, but I never could wrap my head around it. I mostly based my alphabet on Greek script, with around 20 additional letters. All the letters in mine are phonetic also. What is your consonant : vowel ratio? I have 13 vowels (not including long and nasal versions) and 35 consonants (voiced and unvoiced combined).

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  • You're not alone!!! 😊😊

    • Really? What is yours like? :-)

    • Well mine language is just completly made up. I created my language when i was 7 😂😂

    • Oh. What was your reason for making it? Mine is mostly meant for better expressiveness.

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