The new powerball is 350M$ after taxes. What would you get with it?

here's my list of the top of my head

paved driveway
brick mail box
every nintendo game ever made! ( NES, SNES, N64, GC, WII U ) and playstation 1/2/3/4 and xbox too! really great food. ( good steaks )
graphic t shirts
a suite ( never had one )

vacations ( lots and lots )


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  • If I ever even got that much money I'd focus on dealing with the most important matters in life such as my health and possibly even going incognito and get myself a different identity and be in or set up something like a private witness protection kind of thing for myself. Sorry, but I would get really paranoid about it and worry for my safety and survival first. The trust issues I have may even greatly increase and unless somehow I can make a deal that I can pay those taxes to the government and that they agree to keep all information classified and confidential about my true identity as the lottery winner as I wouldn't owe them anything else and I feel I should not let anyone else know that I do NOT Have to about it that I am the one that actually won.

    With that kind of substantial financial resource I might even need something like a fallout shelter built and constructed like it had been for VIPs so I can take refuge should the shit ever hits the fan, as I would take no fucking chances because of the current state of the world, as who really knows for certain? Because the end could just happen sometime in the future and I rather be as prepared as possible and necessary with that substantial kind of financial resource than just spend it all things that would just get me carried away and wasting my time and as well as my health on.

    Like the "Joker" once said about all that big pile of money "Everything Burns", so I say forget about all the material stuff such as blingbling, mansions, fancy cars, private jets, etc. in this world and I'd prioritized everything that I absolutely need them to survive. Sure I suppose I could have fun and travel once in a while but this world has become really messy right now, it's not really that safe any more.

    So if that's the case I'd only use the money to keep myself alive as long as I can but if I help others in need which I probably should to put that money to good use and to prove that I'm not just another rich snob and selfish son of a bitch, but then I need to do it discreetly and not be detected on someone's radar that I've become another rich guy by merely just winning the lottery. All just to make myself useful for once, and I know having that amount of money does not immediately fix and correct any and all problems I am having or experiencing or will eventually have. But it would more or less completely resolve my worries and fears of ever ending up completely flat broke and homeless at least by retirement age.


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  • I would get all my schooling completely paid off.

    And with the remaining $10? Get some ice cream I guess.

    • that's sad and funny at the same time. but I'm sure 300 million would take care of school, even if you had million dollar debt.

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    • I'm a psychology major, and I hope so!

    • I'd rather win a smaller millions than the 300 it sounds like more money, more issues type of thing.

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  • "Congratulations! You just won millions of dollars in the lottery! That's great.
    Now you're fucked.
    No really.
    You are.
    You're fucked..."

    • Yeah that's what I'd be afraid of

  • -Mansion
    -Some cars
    -Donate some (annually)
    -Study at a 10/10 university
    -Invest the rest in something that is worth it. Maybe a car dealership.

  • I'd invest half of it in the stock market, buy a condo in San Francisco, and a Tesla Model S, and I'd never work again.

  • A ridiculous amount of chocolate because if Spongebob has taught me anything it's that chocolate=immortality

  • Get a AK-47 And a team of bodyguards and build houses for all of my family complete with booby traps for suckers that try to come at us.

  • Buy a property in El Nido or Boracay

  • Dunno i'll probably just invest it

  • I would hire 4 hedge fund traders and 2 mutual fund managers to take care of my money. Then I would live on a salary of $60 000 and wait for my money to increase. Maybe give away $10 000 a year.

    • that's a good idea! its not like I'll win the big bucks, but hiring finance people or a lawyer would be a decent idea, i'd def. have to move away from my small home town lol. maybe Memphis or Nashville, somewhere that no one knows me ha-ha.

    • You're way better off sticking with vanguard and getting an index fund than letting your money be managed by hedge fund traders and mutual fund managers... The fees are ridiculous.

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