Why do people always say this about Iwatobi Swim Club?

I always wondered why people say that no one watches Iwatobi for the plot and that it has no plot. Why is that?


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  • I wouldn't know, I don't watch these school-themed anime. In my opinion barely any of them have any plot besides sitcom and randomness.

    • The shoujo romance ones usually have plots

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    • It has a magical setting. There's this hero who goes to fight the demon kind (don't worry, there's no horror whatsoever in the anime), and is pleasantly surprised by who the demon kind turns out to be. If you look at the posters, you'll probably be able to guess. Anywho, the demon kind offers a contract - they take ownership of each other and together work to stop the war between people and demons. I sincerely suggest you watch it - in my opinion it's really good.

    • Ohhhhh it sounds really interesting, I'll go watch it then :D

  • sakura swim club kappa


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