Eurodance Battle: Who's your favorite Eurodance Artist (Round XLI)?

Mr. President by far... Reggae+Eurodance crossover foreva... :D

  • Billy More
    Vote A
  • Moulin Roge
    Vote B
  • Moverton
    Vote C
  • Mr. President
    Vote D
  • N-Trance
    Vote E
  • Netzwerk
    Vote F
  • No Mercy
    Vote G
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N-Trance won...


Most Helpful Girls

  • I like both Mr President and N-Trance, but I'll vote for Mr President, I wanna be Miss President of Montenegro someday ;)

  • Moulin Rouge


Most Helpful Guys

  • N-Trance, I like their style. Movetron is ok too, as well as Mr President, although, I'm not much into reggae music.

    • Y not? Actually I enjoy Reggae related music especially in summer... although I prefer Dancehall more than Roots Reggae...

    • I kinda prefer Dream Dance and Vocal Trance style, like X-Perience, The Thrillseekers, Robert Miles... and somewhat more energetic Eurodance like Missing Heart, Sash! and Fragma... or combined with Rap, like Pharao, Imperio, Magic Affair, stuff like that :P

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • Let's see, I like Movetron, it's an awesome Finnish Eurodance band, Mouling Roge is fantastic Slovenian HINRG band, No Mercy is ok, but they are more like... Pop rather than Eurodance... Netzwerk is nice Italian Eurodance band, but short-lived, I've never heard of Billy More, so that leaves us with Mr President and N-Trance... I vote for N-Trance, cause they have more fantastic songs, while Mr President has only a few hits.

    • Hm really? I'm more familiar wid Mr. President's music... thought they had more hits... well guess coz I'm more familiar...

    • I know Coco Jamboo, I Give You My Heart and Up And Away... but N-Trance has more famous songs - Set You Free, Staying Alive, Paradise City, Turn Up the Power, I'm in Heaven, Tears in the Rain, Shake Ya Body and many others :)

  • I like combination of Eurodance and Trance, so N-Trance is my faovrite here ;)


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