How to write my own music if an only play simple things on the piano? And I sing?


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  • you'll need a process. i'd start with whichever comes naturally to you first. some hum out melodies first... then fill it with lyrics... then adding the piano on the end

    or you can jot down your lyrics first... which will define the mood of the song, then go from there...

    or determine the effect you'd like your music to impress on people. want them to dance? sing along? reminisce? provoke thought? react to your story? etc.


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  • Learn to play other tunes on the piano.

    In the meanwhile you can work on your music by downloading your favorite instrumentals and making up a song to them.

    If you really want,
    try to learn your favorite instrumental as well.
    There are so many videos online which can help aide you in the process.
    Good luck!

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