I've been playing the walking dead s1 for the first time and I've got to ask?

how the hell does anyone get bit,
Walkers is too fast an adjective, Limpers would be a better term
I can walk faster than these things easy.


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  • By getting caught off guard, or being outnumbered is usually how people get bit.

    You enjoying the gameplay?

    • I like it but I LOVED the wolf among us, I loved it so much I checked out the comic that its a part of from the library,

    • I've heard of that one but haven't gotten around to playing it yet! I greatly enjoyed TWD S1 though. Season 2 was disappointing but alright.

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  • Alone, walkers a more vulnerable, but in groups and herds, they are strong. Look at the scene when Rick was in Atlanta. That number of walkers would have easily killed him if he didn't find that tank.
    And remember that they live in a world where the term zombie doesn't exist. They started seeing the people around them attacking other people. Like they gone mad.
    It might be a good idea to watch the Webisodes. They give you background info about the start of the apocalypse.

    • Yeah but in the game and the shared comic universe they figure out the out the whole zombie bite thing fast.
      These things have the dexterity of a beached whale.

    • I know. The reason how it all started is one with many plot holes. I believe that's why they put Rick in a coma in the comics and series. The authorities look somehow lazy, because it seems like they didn't do anything to avoid the dead taking over.
      Right now I am watching the mini series of the walking dead- fear the walking dead. It is about the first days of the spreading virus. I find it quite interesting. Suddenly people who die, start to attack and eat one another. It takes some time before they realise it takes a shot in the head...

  • so basically you're playing pacman...


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