Why do blacks care so much about the lame ass oscars? Why do they hold that BS in such high regard?

I don't know why theycare about being included in the lame ass oscars when the oscars are lame and overrated. Its only a "big deal" because people want to make it seem like they are but the aren't at all. Smh, blacks always begging for validation and acceptence from whites its sad.

  • Blacks need to make their own awards show (not BET , BET isn't even owned by blacks anymore) say F the oscars and quit pathetically begging to be accepted
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  • They should keep going to the oscars year after year desperately begging to be accepted
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Lol silenced posters GaG with this lol


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  • As I see it only whites will get Oscars this year. Why?

    • Who knows and who cares? The Oscars are overrated Just because they say this or that movie or that actor/actress was the best doesn't mean they really are. Its a opinion of the committee not everyone on earth. Blacks need to come up with their own awards show and stop pathetically worshipping the Oscars.

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