Views of that scene {SPOILER IN VOTING OPTIONS} in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens"?

  • Han's dead. Moving on helps when you consider that Harrison Ford's age of 73 is pure luck in a galaxy that has as much going on as IT does.
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  • It's part one of a whole trilogy, so Lucasfilm clearly has something up their sleeve; and they wouldn't just kill him off for good in the first movie.
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  • These options make me optimistic and pessimistic. I hope he gets brought back.
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  • I believe he's gone for good. I remember people saying something about Harrison Ford not playing Han Solo anymore.

    • Contrarily, I read that J. J. said it was done to establish Kylo Ren as the villain he is. Who knows?

    • Yeah that too. See in a deleted scene Snoke tells Kylo that Vader was weak because he showed sympathy for his family. That's why Kylo felt he needed to kill his father, because Vader couldn't kill his son Luke.

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  • Considering what was done to create Darth Vader, Han's wound didn't seem all that deadly. Even realistically it might not have killed him before he burned up at the core of that super weapon. (Though the shock could have.)

    I would say falling into the core of that new-and-improved deathstar probably guarantee death though.

  • It's already confirmed he'll be in the next movie, he's even in the cast list if you don't believe me. But he will return in flash backs telling Kylo's childhood is what is most probable he won't actually be playing an active role like he was in the last movies.

    Also there is a origin movie series coming up for Han Solo which Ford will not be playing in and their trying to figure out who should play a young Han Solo.

  • The dude already did 6 movies, if they bring him back I'm calling that bullshit.
    That movie is great, but it has lots of plotholes. Hope they don't make them bigger.

  • It's a shit scene in the worst Star Wars movie ever made. I don't care what fucking Disney has to say.

    • I just can't really picture them killing him in the *first* movie and not have something to it behind their curtain for the sequels. Take Darth Maul: he fell from a great height after being cut in half before being resurrected in George Lucas' own "Clone Wars" series.

  • He's dead


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