Anyone here do professional music production?

My whole life I have been able to hear music in my head that I have never heard played before. Meaning I can create good sounding music in my head. Be it for movies or on its own.

Would anyone be interested in helping me create music where I could send them a FL studio file maybe I can even find a way to export some kind of midi file and I can show you the gist of what I want. You could fine tune the note timeing so that it sounds more like what I'm trying to do and someone who can work with synths and things to make ths sounds I'm thinking of.

I have tried to learn this trade but it's very complicated to learn to do it well and my passions lie in videos. However, I think I have so many great ideas for music that it really kills me that no one will get to hear what I do. I don't know how to explain it. It feels like I have something amazing to tell people but no matter what, the words can't come out of my mouth.

What do I do?


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  • I wouldn't look on GAG. Look locally. Put an ad up in an alternative paper in your community, or on a bulletin board at a college, or on Craigslist, etc. Say you're looking for a songwriting and producing partner (because that's what you're looking for :) ). Have some demos ready that you can share so that the other person can have some idea where you're coming from. And be ready to jam and collaborate. Might take a while to find somebody, but when you do, there's a good chance the partnership will be productive, worthwhile and fun.


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