Started learning music notation and composing. What do you think of my original composition?

I started using MuseScore2 to compose music. This song idea started off with me playing on my guitar creating a solo piece and then I decided to try adding the violin and it stuck as the melody.

What do you think?


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  • I like it very moody and atmospheric, a bit of a change from your other stuff without straying too far away from it.

  • Wow, you're REALLY talented! You clearly aren't new to music at all, you must have been learning music for a long time on your guitar!

    • Thanks, I spent the last 15 months focusing on classical guitar (played covers on electric from 2007-2014) and it wasn't until about 8 months ago where I started creating my own music. I had to learn on my own and now I just happen to find a method that allows me to create music with ease.

      I truly appreciate your response :)

    • Yeah, 7 years of playing covers makes you have quite the sense for musical composition.

  • Very cool, man. Not enough people out there play classical. I've given it a shot, but the nails interfere with playing bass too much, haha.

    • I love classical guitar. I traded all euipment I owned for it in October 2014. Never regretted that decision. Bass is cool too. You've reminded me of adding bass to future songs I make. Thanks

    • No prob. If you ever decide to pick up bass as well, the fingerpicking (especially rest stroke/apoyando) technique will come in handy, though the nails will get in the way.

    • I will keep that in mind. I used to have longer nails to play but I find having very short nails to be better for me. Especially when it comes to playing tremolo techniques cleanly.