UK FOOTBALL FANS! Please explain football to me?

I'm 16 and about to apply for a job at my local football stadium in the food kiosk. But I feel like I'll need to have passion about the team and game which I simply don't have. If I was to choose a team I support, this is the one but I don't know anything about the game itself.

I do get excited when we win but I can't watch the matches because we are Champions league and we don't have a sports channel but I keep up to date with scores and fixtures as much as I can.

I just don't understand the rules or even how seasons work. Please explain fairly simple terms or tell me how I can find out.


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  • That's an extremely loaded question luckily the internet has plenty of resources here are a few: - the rules. - everything about the premier league - here's where you can see match of the day which doesn't show the full games but gives the highlights of the premier league.

    P. s. I don't think you need passion for the game and if you don't have it now i doubt you'll have it when you know all about the game.

    • Thanks, anything about the Champions league?

    • The champions league has the exact same rules except it's a yearly tournament with the top European clubs (for the Uk the top 4 teams of the premier league qualify for the group stages) it's the biggest footballing event (at least in Europe) for clubs not country teams, You used to be able to watch it on ITV but now BT has it. of course there's more info on the champions league here-

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