G@G being run by a bunch of sissies?

Do you think GaG removes every teeny tiny bit of 'offensive' stuff to the point it's not just fun anymore?
Or is it too close minded for its own good?
  • Yea, its getting too Much now.
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  • No, they only remove serious offensive stuff
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  • I am diplomatic
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  • I tend to think the mods play favoritism. The rest of the time they are sleep on the job


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  • B. I've only ever had 2 things removed.

    The first was antagonistic (though I maintain I was right, that guy should have f##ked off) which I understand. The second was on a topic they don't discuss here; I don't agree with their policy on that but I get it.

    I think they're generally pretty ok.

  • Sometimes, I don't think they remove enough, sometimes I think they are overly sensitive. You have to keep in mind the site has many moderators at different levels, so it's not an objective, organized system.

  • i got called a cunt for my religious stance against premarital sex, and nothing... but i say lmao... and i get my comment removed!


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