Can I sing well? Do you think I have the potential to sing well?

I've never actually considered singing as something I could do but I've been trying my hand at a lot of things recently and I wanted to know if singing was something I should practice.
Do you guys think I have any potential with my singing voice? Be completely honest please! I sang like 3 different songs in here too, so ignore the goofing around at the end lol

I know my voice kind of fades out at points because my vocal chords just suck but other than the little mistakes, is the sound pleasant? Or unpleasant? And do I sound better as a saprano or an alto?

It's a link to google docs: Me Singing

Thank you so much!!


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  • Sorry, but it sounded pretty unpleasant :/ but that means you can only get better right! Start taking some lessons. You won't exactly be the next Mariah Carey, but I'm sure a good vocal coach can help you control your voice & make it sound better.


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  • Start taking lessons with a vocal coach, they will help you figure out your voice type and work on your technique. I didn't listen to much of it, but your voice sounded very weak and poorly supported, so a teacher doing some exercises with you, working on proper breathing, etc. should help.

  • You need to work on your pitch and keeping on tone.

    • I know that. That's why I asked you to ignore the mistakes and answer in regards to how pleasant or unpleasant it sounded.

    • Okay, it sounded unpleasant.

    • Okay, thank you!

  • Take singing as a hobby..


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