How are you all feeling with the lost of Alan Rickman?

It's been 3 days since his passing, and I cannot find the words to describe how I feel. I am not a family member or friend of his but that doesn't stop me from feeling the lost as a fan. Especially growing up watching him as Severus Snape in Harry potter.
Please share your favorite Severus Snape moment if you were a Harry Potter fan!
Or if you watched him from other movies respond which was your favorite role he did!
Also, how you all fans feeling about the lost of a great talent like Alan? Because I am sure to be heartbroken with the news.


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  • The world has lost one of the few actors known for his talent rather than just being a pretty face and hair plugs. I am a little sad that the role you know his best for was Snape. Admittedly he did the part beautifully but left behind such amazing legacy it is impossible to pick his best work. He will however always remain Hans Gruber first and foremost in my mind.

    • I know some other roles. But Snape was the one I grew up with as a kid.

    • Fair enough. If you like him you need to watch at least Die Hard, Quigley Down Under, and Robin Hood: Prince of thieves... Also he was... Interesting in a movie called January man.

    • I will watch all movies. I will have a Alan marathon. Other than his talent, he has such seductive voice that even me this young makes me melt.

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  • He inspired me to continue graphic design.
    What a legend.

    • He will be terribly missed

  • A woman stopped me just yesterday and ask for directions, though I was able to resist the urge to feel her.

  • I liked Harry Potter but usually celebrities dying doesn't really bother me much. Everyone dies.

  • Seriously? He wasn't even that old...

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    • Just like Snape though. He dies in the movie right? I remember some big ado about some unrequited love of his.

    • Yes he died in the last movie. Later his memories are shown. Which surely made a lot of fans cry because he acted it so well. With a lot of feeling. Plus, finding out that the character was miss understood for 6 books.. only till the 7th when Severus is shown as what he truly was. A hero.

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