Am I the only one who hates what they did to Harley Quinn in the suicide squad movie?

WHY, did they turn her into some slut who hardly wears any clothes? That is not Harley Quinn. And before anyone brings up "Well that's her in the comics" It doesn't matter. Just because its in the comics, doesn't mean its a good idea. The whole new 52 is complete shit. The REAL Harley Quinn is the one from the Batman the animated series. That's where she was created, back when she was a classy, crazy, energetic character. The comics just had to fuck her up by making her 'villain slut number 45' amongst all the other super villain women. She went from a one of a kind awesome villain into a dime a dozen slut. I can't believe how bad Warner Brothers are already fucking up with the movies just to compete with marvel. I Hope the movies do horrible at the box office and have them do another reboot until they can get it right, anyone else prefer the good classic Harley over the new slut one?
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  • I do agree with you, the only Harley for me is the classic Harley. This weird, psycho-stripper BS seems to have been picked up from the Arkham games, but at least in the games it was somewhat fun and creative. Now it's just short shorts and "daddy's little killer" t-shirts like she's a rebellious teenager or something.

    Honestly, what this film has done to Harley and The Joker seem absolutely dreadful. If their performances can make up for it I'll be able to forgive the design but still... it's crap.


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  • I honestly don't really care, I know what you mean but hey it's new and I suppose some people desired for something new, my boyfriends boyfriend co produced ss, I think despite clothing, she's a good actor and her role shouldn't be defined on what she wears. I do also think if she did wear that whole "old get up" it wouldn't flow with the film and other actors.

    • They still could of made her more classy like her original form. No problem with the actors. It's just the way they are going to write her that makes me hate the movie.

  • She's a DC comic character and she came originally from the comics
    She was always the sort of slutty type because of the joker hence always trying to please him so the movies are doing nothing wrong but making her modern.
    I am waiting for the movie to see what portrayal they'll give her
    Either her quirky one or her badass one like in the comics
    So before you judge things read the original

    • She wasn't created in the comics. She was created in Batman the animated series. She was a one off character but they brought her back because people loved her original personality. then once she became real popular in the animated series, they decided to put her in the comics as a canon character. then DC comics turned her into a slut. So a slut is not what she originally was.

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    • THE COMIC HARLEY IS NOT THE REAL HARLEY!!! How many times do I have to say that? And the personalities are not the same. She was fun, crazy and classy in the animated series. Not quirky. And in the movies they make her look like she's just the "weird" type. That is not the original Harley. I'm done talking to you because holy fucking shit, you are not listening to what the fuck I'm saying and you don't know what the FUCK you're talking about when it comes to the real original characters. That is not Harley and that is definitely not the joker.

    • And how many times do i have to repeat
      I've seen both of what you're talking about so calm your balls and stop judging a film based on a trailer
      If you hate it so much don't watch it shit

  • Maybe see how the character plays out in the movie before making snap judgments?

    • Have you seen the trailer? she doesn't act like harley. and the joker doesn't look or act like the joker. And don't even bring heath into this because he was good in the trailers.

    • The trailers are almost never like the movie. This can't be the first time this would've occurred to you.

    • When had a movie with a franchise this big, lie in the trailer about what its going to be like? Plus I'm talking about how they've made Harley in this movie. that's what I'm talking about. I doubt they're going to rewrite her character in the movie after they released the trailer.

  • I agree, they have totally ruined the character... old Harley was much better...

  • I'm to hyped up about deadpool to really care...

  • I'm just gonna say I'm not that all surprised.

  • Yeah man they ruined her character

  • Watch it before you judge it dude

    • I'm not going to watch it because I already know how they wrote them. They're using the new batman characters which I hate. I've seen the trailers and already know what they're going to act like and it's not how they're supposed to act.

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