Do you know how to get an ebook onto your Kindle and other devices?

Did you ever get a copy of an ebook from a friend or one of the download sites and couldn't figure out how to get it to your Kindle devices?

Sign in to Amazon and click Manage My Content and Devices from the Your Account pull down. Click on the device you want to send books to and set up an email address for the device. Then just send the book to that email address. The book needs to be in mobi or AZW format. You can use the Calibre app from Calibre will translate books between formats and handles epub and PDF book translation well.


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  • I don't even know how to get Amazon to sell me a Kindle:
    "Sorry, we can't deliver this item to Belgium"

    • Have you looked at this question in the Amazon forums?

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    • Sorry. Write your legislator.

    • I can order nearly anything from an Amazon within the E. U. except the Kindle Fire.
      That's an Amazon policy, not a govt. policy.

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