Am I only white girl who watches bollywood movies in US?


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  • No, you're not. But it is definitely far from common.

    • Are u from US? It makes me sad. I am talking about a bollywood movie. But noone gets it.

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  • Yes you are. In a world with 7.5 billion people you're the only white American girl that watches Bollywood movies.

  • C'mon girl I am Indian and I myself don't watch any Bollywood movies but once in a while if the movie is very good then I may watch it.

    • Indians think watching hollywood movies cool. I don't think so. Movies mean my life. I watch movies all around the world.3idiots, Rang de basanti, Taare zameen par, Lagaan, P. K., My name is Khan, Om shanti om, Veer Zaara, Don... They are all better than any hollywood movie to me.

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    • thanks. I have watched kabhi khushi kabhi gham and don 2. Maybe most of bollywood movies are shit. But Best to Best... I prefer Aamir Khan movies over any hollywood actor. He's never disappointed me. I like Shahrukh too.

    • Same views here

  • I'm not white nor a girl and I don't watch bollywood movies.


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