Rate this frog? (My photography)? + Seflie feat: Froakie?

A snap of friendly garden frog I got in the summer. He was such a G. I called him Croaky.
Rate this frog? (My photography)? + Seflie feat: Froakie?

Here is a selfie with Froaky.
(My hair looks shit, I am aware) πŸ˜‚

Point is: what would rate the Picture, Froaky and me if you'd like. 😏

  • Froaky is hotttt! 😍 I would have his tadpoles.
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  • Damn Alexyyyy you sexsaaayyyy👀❀🔥
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  • Very good picture, I commend you.
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  • Alex.. 1v1 me.
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  • Your lighting's all wrong, the focus is slightly off (only very slightly) and the frame is slightly wonky. Look at the line of the table edge and the top of the photo. They should be parallel. The subject is not centred very well; the majority of your image is boring background. You've played around with the contrast too much, too.

    Overall though, it's a good effort.


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