Are any of you a fan of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six video games?

I know I am and my most favorite Rainbow Six game is Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2.

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  • I still have my Rainbow Six games for my computer because I just can't part with them.

    • Do you have Rainbow Six Vegas 1 and 2 on your PC? :)

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    • That's okay. Besides your nearly 30 years old so it's understandable that you're not into the more modern video game home consoles. by the way, Vegas is also on PS3 and PSP.

    • And with that comment... I feel old 😂

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  • Rainbow Six 3 and Vegas were cool... I've always been more of a Ghost Recon fan though.


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  • I don't know the video games, but I read several Tom Clancy novels back in high school. Good stuff man

  • No but I played through all of the Splinter Cell games. The first Splinter Cells were the games I used to grind through as a kid - day in and day out. Gonna have to get them again, for nostalgia's sake.

  • Oh yes.

    I love raven shield the most