What do you think of this song and video?


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  • Dolls creeps me out, but this is about a father not approving the guy's sexuality and that's just not cool


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  • The music was very beautiful, I did not really get the video.

    • I'm glad you like the music as sigur ros is my favourite!! You should listen to more of their music and see if you like them too. Olsen Olsen is good. So is glosoli. There are so many

    • Cool thanks

    • O my gosh I heard "Olsen Olsen" and I fell in love it, it is such a beautiful song
      I also like "sé lest" that is such a beautiful song and I also find the music soothing and relaxing to listen to and I also find that it's good study music also.

      O yeah i could so easily fall a sleep to "se lest"

      O yeah I could so fall asleep to

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