Anime can help you speak WHAT?

Anime can help you speak WHAT?!

Ok. I heard a rumor that watching anime can help you speak another language. But that's the thing. What if you watch an anime for adults, you could be speaking another language. Do you think that watching anime with subtitles is worth it? Or do you think that watching anime with subtitles is good for people? So you bakas answer this question and I won't call you people bakas again

Note: Baka is the japaneese word for idiot
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Well if you watch anime without subtitles in Japanese without knowing the language then you're just going to be lost. So watching with subtitles, or dubbed in your language, is preferred. And hearing a certain word enough times will essentially make you learn it considering you'll make the connection with it meaning ____.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Don't use animé to learn the language. Imagine someone learning English from rap lyrics. Or my first roommate who picked up some of his slang terms for American movies. He use them quiet and properly for the first 2 months. Made things very, very awkward.
    Sometimes the subtitles differed greatly from was actually said.

    • There is no é in anime. Only original e

    • I believe both spellings are valid. The sound at the end is 'e' accent aigu. I could be wrong. Not a linguistics expert.

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  • It might help to get a feel for pronunciations and how their characters sound but I wouldn't expect to marathon Naruto and suddenly speak Japanese like you've been taking classes for 2 years.
    Also, try not to stick random foreign words in normal sentences. It's weird. Especially because you can't subject them to English grammar rules. The plural of 'baka' is not 'bakas'.

  • it really doesn't matter. watching with subtitles only helps you pick up short phrases, not actually learn the language, (its one of the most complicated languages, 3 alphabets, no word families same/ pronunciation for words with very different meanings. ect) some dubs are actually really good. and they're good for people just getting into anime, or for people who can't read and watch at the same time. take it from this senpai.

  • lol if you can figure out the language by just looking at the subtitles, you´re a freaking prodigy! xD you will maybe catch the meaning of a few phrases and words but you won´t be able to learn the language from just casually watchnig with subs.

    most like watching it with subs for the original voice acting. dub is crap most of the time.

  • please dont say baka

  • It doesn't help that much.

  • I don't know what anime is

    • Anime is japaneese animation. Only different form and most anime are crated by japaneese comics called manga

  • I've watched a lot of anime with subtitles and I have picked up a couple words and phrases, but I wouldn't say that I am anywhere close to knowing the language

    • How old are you?
      Kids might be watching those types of anime. And I'm only 13 but I only watch anime that are kid friendly (sword art online, attack in Titan, Tokyo ghoul)

    • I'm 18
      And also, how is Tokyo Ghoul kid friendly? lol

    • Then this is awkward

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