Is it wrong of me to think of the majority of MMA fanboy/girls as a bunch of trailer trash and ghetto hoodrat retards?

I used to be an MMA fan back when Anderson Silva, Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture were world champions and household names. Now, I think the MMA fans, especially the casual fans have gotten dramatically much more retarded than ever, ever since the rise of women's MMA division and newer stars rising like Conor McGregor. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the torches being passed on to newer generations of MMA fighters rising to the top but god damn are the McGregor and Ronda Rousey fanboy/girls are so annoying and ignorant. They're worse than the American Football and Basketball fans that are also typically loud and dumb. I wouldn't doubt that these fanboys constantly m@sturbate to photos of Ronda Rousey and even Conor McGregor.
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  • can't say I know much about MMA but if you look at anything hard enough the fandom get's creepy and annoying, for example anime and the creepy kids who make that literally their entire life, or music fans who get into a certain genre and get pissy about people listening to other stuff.
    The fans aren't going to change so stewing on their negatives does harm only to you, they don't give a fuck, chances are if they're pushy and annoying about it they've got little else in their lives worth talking about


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  • i like mma it's really cool to watch people of different styles fight, and see really good techniques used. i watch it when i can but our tv doesn't usually have the program. i'm sure there are some idiots but you can't paint us all with the same colour

    • I misworded. My attacks were intended towards the much newer generation of MMA fans, particularl McGregor and Rousey fans. You don't seem like you're that new to the sport or extreme.

    • ok i see what you mean, bandwagon hoppers are annoying. at least they go realativly quickly

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  • i mean it's kinda always been that way. the difference is that you probably didn't realize it. but i mean mcgregor and rousey are the biggest shit talkers so it wouldn't really surprise me how much their fans talk... although mcgregor has the best sound bites. all week, dan lebatard was playing the sound bite about how he's gonna drag dos anjos through the streets of brazil and be a national holiday or some shit.

    • I honestly don't mind McGregor much, at least he shows respect to all his opponents (like towards Jose Aldo) after trash talking and beating them, unlike Ronda Drowsey. It's his and Rousey's fans that I can't stand in the sport of MMA. It's funny how Drowsey stopped her shit talking antics now that she not only suffered her first loss but received an embarassingly one-sided beating and KO from a former multiple division world women's boxing champ who's great and all but was never known for knockout power.

      What's even funnier is how all of Rousey's fanboy/girls still continue to come up with more pathetic excuses for Rousey's brutal beatdown she received.

  • Oh Gawd, A self-righteous MMA elitist. Pull your head from you anonymous rectum!

  • The first MMA hipster. lol

    Some of them annoy me, especially since I'm not particularly fans of either one of them. Rousey fans usually use the 'sexism' card.
    It doesn't bother me too much though. The sport should draw passion and enthusiasm. That's what increases the sport.

    • "The first MMA hipster. lol"

      Hey, at least I'm not a bandwagon jumper.

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    • Maybe I'm associating the thing with the wrong word.
      I'm saying that you liked it before and now it's gaining popularity on the backs of those two, you want to distance yourself. It's the "I liked it before it was cool" kind of thing.

      But to be fair to you, quite a few McGregor and Rousey fans are so far up their asses that you can't have a reasonable conversation with them. I'd even through in Jon Jones fans personally.

    • Yeah. My question or rant isn't to belittle MMA/UFC as a sport but to express my hatred of the new direction that the UFC is currently heading with their marketing along with their new generation of fans.

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