What are your 3 favorite beats to jam out to?

i'm kinda bored and wanna find new music, but too lazy to search for any. so i'm basically just asking if y'all got any good songs post 3 songs (or just the instrumentals) that you're just like, "this is dope" and can't help but jam out. anyways here's mine:

l. e. s. artistes by santigold (huglife remix)

niggas in paris

and my favorite beat... jesus is walking by cashous clay


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  • 3OO5 (Jauz's Future Remix)
    The Hills (RL Grimes Remix)
    U Don't Know (Vincent Remix)

    • Ayyee I see you with the TITS album as your profile pic ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

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    • I really like the second half of Paradise, wish it was a whole song. But I'm gonna have to go with Stainless.

    • i like the last 1. that was pretty dope.

  • Seve REMIX by Tez Cadey
    Beattraax REMIX by Project Well
    Astronomia (Zac Waters remix) Tony Igy

    And I like lots of Latin music as well

    • the last 1 was pretty sick. i actually have the 1st 1 on soundcloud (too lazy to put it on my actual playlist.

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