For the girls who watch anime - What do you think of the female representation as a whole in all of the anime you have see in your life?

Not specific to a show or movie or even to a set period, but rather all of the anime you have seen in your life, what do you think of the female representation? I dont mean just visual art style, but looks, voice artists (english and Japanese), behavior and activities female are seen doing. As a whole basically.


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  • Hmm, okay, in general...

    Visual art style - In a lot of the anime I've seen, the females tend to be extremely over-exaggerated. You usually get a scrawny male protagonist and then a collection of females to assist him. These girls generally fall into archetypes (and that's not uncommon, the males are all usually archetypal too) and are pretty unrealistic. Like I think we can all agree that the breasts usually featured on young girls in anime are pretty ridiculous. Sure, some girls do have huge boobs and it's not bad to represent that - but, in general, a young, short, slender Asian girl will not have a huge rack, y'know? So it probably shouldn't be the go to thing, and a lot of the female characters then get molested because of the size of their breasts, like that's a lot of the comic value in Haruhi and Mikaru's relationship in Haruhi Suzumiya. However, body proportions in anime are pretty skewed anyway, that's just a given part of the style. I think that female thighs are also presented quite oddly in some anime - I've seen more than one where the thighs kinda curve outwards and the girls look like they have bow-legs. I think skirts too - a lot of girls in anime have these perfectly straight skirts at the back and whilst it's much better than giving every girl a huge ass with a tiny mini skirt, but yeah, girls skirts don't just go straight down, they'd have to have absolutely no arse for that, y'know? But it's not really a big problem, just something interesting I noticed.

    A good example of some ridiculous presentation of the female body is from good old One Piece:

    Voice artists - I have never really had an issue with the voice artists.

    Behaviour and activities - Uhh, I dunno. I mean, the behaviour is again just the archetypal thing, though that happens for both males and females. I'm going to use examples from Haruhi because I think that that represents the archetypes well, and they even briefly comment on the stereotypes.

    Males tend to fall into the role of a young delinquent (Kyon) or a pervert (Taniguchi) usually with the former as the protagonist and the latter as his close friend. The females tend to fall into an OP Mary Sue character (Haruhi), a silent and bookish character (Yuki), an overly excitable almost tomboy-ish character (Tsurya) and a stammering, blushing little moe girl (Mikuru.)

    This happens in Clannad too, with the roles going to Tomoya, Sunohara, Tomoyo, Kotome, Kyou and Nagisa.

    • Whilst you did offer what you thought of it, I was not really interested in facts. :D After all, I kinda know the facts. What I don't know, is your opinion, and you gave it! Thank you.

  • It's usually pretty awful in my opinion.


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