If you were me, which professional fighting sport career would you choose, Boxing or MMA?

I'm currently a Middleweight amateur boxing with a record of 55-3(42 KO/TKOs). I've been boing since I was 10 years old and a very long time fan of the sport. As for MMA, It wasn't until I was 12-13 years old that I suddenly also became a very vig MMA fan after watching a UFC fight between Anderson Silva and Rich Franklin. I've also been watching old recorded fights of Pride Fighting Championship, which had me all pumped up watching their fights.

Recently, I made some new friends in college who have had a long-time martial arts background (Muay Thai, Wrestling and BJJ). I told them that I'm an amateur boxer who's not only a diehard boxing fan but also big MMA fan. They told me if I'm interested in enhancing my fighting background and make a career out of MMA, then I can come over to their gym.

I've thought about the two careers and analyzed the pros and cons of Boxing and MMA.

Boxing -
Pros: Much more paycheck, more globally mainstream, rich history, more press freedom (compared to UFC/MMA), slightly more respectable athletes.

Cons: More higher risk of permanent head/brain injury and in-the-ring death, being a world champion in boxing has now become meaningless with multiple alphabet world titles from multiple unnecessary sanctioning bodies, a world boxing champion can cherry-pick their contenders if they wanted to and get away with it more often.

Pros: Very fast growing sport, slightly less shady underhand tactics than boxing regarding fights and promoting a fighter, less likely to suffer from permanent brain damage and death than boxing, no world champions are allowed to cherry-pick their opponents once they sign a contract with a promotion/organization/league (UFC, Bellator, etc.).

Cons: Less paycheck, still only popular in a few countries (even in Brazil, MMA isn't all that well-known as a sport), outlandish and exaggerated promotion of the sport.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Do you have wrestling experience? Can you stop the takedown? Submission defense? That whole floor game just doesn't have any equivalent in boxing at all.

    If you're thinking seriously about making this transition, watch the James Toney-Randy Couture fight from a few years back. Toney was a very accomplished boxer, and he got his ass handed to him in the first round. Watch that fight, and see all the skills Toney didn't have, that you'll need to develop.

    Boxing is also much, much more rulesy in general. There are cheap shots in every fighting sport, but you'll have to be much more willing to give -- and take -- them in MMA.

    • You also have to consider that James Toney foolishly fought Couture too soon and took his grappling training too lightly. Toney was just that arrogant.

      There was one MMA fight where a boxing KOs an MMA fighter within 7 seconds and it was Ray Mercer (former WBO world heavyweight boxing champion) vs Tim Sylvia (former UFC World Heavyweight Champion). I wouldn't say Mercer KO'd Sylvia because boxing is superior to MMA but because Sylvia was dumb enough to stand up and trade with a former world boxing champ rather than just a simple quick takedown and submission like Couture did to Toney.

    • Yea. So, it's really gna be an issue of (1) how much you can build up the skills you don't have right now, and/or (2) how much you can keep the fight standing up.

    • Yeah. That's pretty much what MMA gyms, trainers and patience are for.

Most Helpful Guy

  • More money for now in boxing, and you're further along in it, so i wouldn't be super inclined to switch.

    Even if you do switch later, having high level boxing experience will be a 'selling point' in mma.


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  • If you go MMA, you need to learn ground fighting. There's no way you will survive on boxing ability alone, because someone will eventually learn how to slip past your flurry of strikes. Your stand up very good based on your record.

    Stick with what you're comfortable with. you could do boxing for a bit and then transition into MMA

  • Depends on how good a boxer you are and how good your manager. Very few if any ever make it as boxer and like you said about the cherry picking like 99.99% of matches although not fixed are set up so that only a certain opponent on the way to the top will win. I suspect a lot of tyson's fights were like this with good fighters but very few that could ever beat him ie Brit champ Frank Bruno.

  • if you're only in it for the money, stick with what you know since it seems to be the most profitable.

  • Boxing my man... you are not gping to earn much money in the ufc unless you are conor mcgregor. I think that average for a mma fighters are 100-200 k per fight and in boxing its much more

  • Always boxing man :). You can start training BJJ which is the ultimate champion in fighting on the ground. See how you feel after it.

  • MMA just because you learn how to kick and grapple people
    If you're a boxer, and someone manages to take you down on the floor, you might be done for

  • Well i personally love boxing it is the best shit you know it increases you fuckin dopamine levels

  • What gym u box for


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