Better Video game developers: Eastern (mainly Japan) or Western?

I think that Japanese games are better at making games. Their games are skilled based, and have some kind of replay value. Most western games I play, I finish it and that's it; no reason to replay it.

Right now, my biggest rivals are Dragon's Dogma (PC) vs Witcher 3 Wild Hunt PC. They are both great in their own way.

List of games from the East, mainly Japan:
Final Fantasy series
Super Mario series
Mega Man series
Street Fighter series
Chrono Trigger
Metal Gear series

List of Western (US, EU) games:
Fallout series
Doom series
Mortal Kombat series
Grand Theft Auto series
Splinter Cell series
Assassin's Creed series
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Another thing, I wanted to update, is that too many games have cinematics in it, that are not really needed in order to have fun and some aren't skippable.
Both sides are offenders of this, but Western games I think do it more.


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  • I'm a quarter Japanese and also a software developer and I voted the East, but want to explain. I'm judging by consistency, being free of glitches, etc.

    In terms of fun, originality, I'd give it to the West.

    In Japan, the video game industry is quite a bit more concentrated than the West. Even back in the Nintendo era, the games available for Nintendo in the U. S. was a small subset of the Famicom games, which were explosive.

    So I just think Japan has a lot more kind of concentration and focus on making games, kind of like anime style -- it's mature, but somewhat stereotypical, yet very mature and polished, consistent. You take publishers like Capcom or Konami and they tend to push consistently polished titles, while, say, Ubisoft might be all over the map.

    But I love Western games, by far. I just think they're far more original, far more innovative (Sid Meier's games, Fallout, X-Com, etc). They tend to be adventurous, though some of that is sadly diminishing.

    • In general I think Western games are far more fun and original -- Japanese games tend to be a lot more formulaic. But not going by fun factor as "better", more like "polish, consistency".

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    • Yeah -- it's awkward because I'm a software developer (and formerly gamedev when I was younger). I didn't take, by "better", as who makes more fun games, but just kind of the quality of the programming. I think Western developers were at least formerly a lot more adventurous, risk-takers, creative -- but you also sometimes got a lot of major duds, glitchy games, etc.

      I'm personally obsessed with Western games myself -- all my top favorites are Western, like Fallout 1 & 2, X-Com, Quest for Glory, Mass Effect, Deus Ex, etc.

    • Japanese studios are also kind of trying to go the cinematic route -- it's just that even the largest Japanese game companies don't quite tend to have as quite a budget as the biggest Western studios (with the exception of a few, like Squaresoft, though I'm so tired of Final Fantasy games).

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  • Japanese games dominated up to the 00s, but they long jumped the shark. Today, the Japanese developers don't even hide the fact that they're formulaic. They market games with an emphasis on how polished their generic-ness is. Western games are moving in that direction, but indie games are always there for big developers to steal ideas from. The only "indie" Japanese game I remember ever playing was a PS1 game called just "D". The creator was a very eccentric guy, RIP.

  • The only western developer I am happy with is Bethesda- they actually listen to what people want. They dont release unfinished games. They actually bring in new things in every game. Other than that- japanese rock!

    • "They dont release unfinished games. "

      Have you played Fallout/Skyrim? lol. Those games are unfinished AF, and expect the modding community to finish their work for them, which they do.
      They also have the nerve to sit on GECK and Creation tools for sometime, when they know players want to mod NOW!!! lol. I just don't get it.

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    • I did played a little bit of Oblivion. I'm not an RPG fan simply because of the turn based combat. I find standing, waiting to be hit, hoping your dodge % is high enough, to be stupid. Everything else I love.

    • Why play that way then? Pick a longbow and shoot the assholes before they even see you. Simple

  • i dont play any of those titles anymore. Blizzard games are on point.

  • GTA Series is one of my favorite Games I play all of them 200+ Hours Gta san andreas say like 2000 in total gta v on steam i have it like 854 hours
    Assassins creed is getting boring same is call of duty same and same
    Fallout 3 was a good fallout game fallout 4 was a good game but not fallout
    Splinter cell only the first 3 those are the ones i only played
    Doom is played all of them and loved them i can't wait for the new one
    Mortal kombat i only likes Mortal kombat 9 and a little bit 10

  • Super Mario and metal gear games are great, but I believe I like western made games more. I'm playing mass effect series right now, made by Bioware from Canada (where I'm from).

  • I prefer Western games in general, except for a select few Japanese games.

  • I love the Final Fantasy series, I've been playing those for a very long time. But I had to vote for the West. I play more of them.

  • Eastern games are the best, the only western games I like out of these above are Mortal Kombat series and Assassin's Creed series.

  • Man western gaves are awesome , Call of duty series , Battlefield series, Farcry series , Minecraft, Terraria, etc

  • I may be biased, but.. go Japan! ^.^

  • weeaboo alert!

  • You forgot Zelda, Metroid, Castlevania, Xenoblade etc.

    East for sure.


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