Another Game of Thrones debate.*spoilers*?

Spoilers ahead
Do you think Daenerys would have conquered Westeros with Khal Drogo?
I don't think she would've as places like the Vale, The North and The Iron Isles would have inflicted heavy losses against the Dothraki. They would probably mutiny against their Khal and get defeated. What do you think?
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So far it seems everyone agrees that the Dothraki would fail miserably in Westeros. When you consider the skilled military leaders like Stannis and Tywin it seems more unlikely the Iron Throne would fall.


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  • They would win, because Daenerys would use her dragons, besides - the Dothraki are very skillful horsemen, just like Mongols, note that Genghis Khan managed to conquer some of the largest empires in the history (China, Russia, Persia) - all of them had heavily armored capitals, with large armies guarding them. Basically, it's all about tactics and strategy.

    • But the problem is Dothraki battle plans rarely go beyond 'charge at the other fellas roaring your heads off.' One the Westerosi got over the shock the Dothraki would be in trouble.

    • Maybe, but the dragons would even the odds ;)

    • Thanks for the MHO :D

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  • The dothraki are vast in numbers and are skilled warriors. However, like you stated, the Vale would be incredibly difficult for them I think. They are horse lords, not sure how they'd fair against the Iron Isles either. I voted no.

    • The Ironborn's fleets would have a field day wiping out the Dothraki at sea. Their sailors are considered the best in Westeros.

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    • The dragons are more or less the same in the books with Dany barely controlling them at the best of times.

    • Yes. But since they are supposedly going to veer off from the books, who knows what they are up to.

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  • The North is waaaaaaay too cold for them, they'd be screwed up there.
    The Vale... well, yeah.
    They probably wouldn't do well against the Ironborn either, seeing as they don't trust the sea and all that.

    Besides that, yeah they would probably make quite the impact on the Reach / almost everything below the Neck :)

  • The Dothraki had been around for a while, I assume, so if they could've counquered Westeros they probably would've by now.

    I can't fucking wait for season 6.

  • I think yes only if they had waited for her dragons to grow to full size. With the dragons, yeah.

  • No, under khal's leadership they wouldn't had gotten shit done.

  • Seeing the lame way he died... he'd die sooner or later with his recklessness, skilled or not xD

  • no because she would not have gotten her dragons

    • But maybe, as the dothraki would rape and pillage easy targets, take control of the farmland and kill the peasants until a pitch battle is forced. Which they could win

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