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ok so I feel like i remember seeing this trialer to this movie back when i was 10 and i can't remember for the life of me what its called and the only things i can give are like little snippets and misinformation about what i think the movie was about?

so in the trailer i just remember an older woman having some man live with her n i think she was a witch or did sorcery or something maybe she was a devil worshipper I don't know it was sumthing liek that and i remember him trying to kill her or something in the trailer but i also remember seeing a mini sex scene of them in a bathtub. i thought the movie was called spider because i think i remember her saying "what a lovely ltitle spider' in the trailer...

... i can't remember what its called i remember seeing it on rogers tv a long time ago but couldnt rent it?
n no it wasn't a porno lol it was a legit hollywood movie


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