Girls, we got any gamer chicks?


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  • I like to game from time to time :). One of my favorite games ever is Alice madness returns. Prince of persia (sands of time) was one of the first games I played and I loved it that's when I started to game. There are times I'm absolutely addicted to gaming and times I don't play at all. It changes.

  • Me, not so much anymore. I used to be the biggest Pokemon master around, but playing has fallen off my list of priorities so I'm very rusty. I've casually gamed stuff like Legend of Zelda and I was fairly competent at Smash Bros. But nothing like the intensity my brother games with, haha.

    One of my proudest achievements was playing through co-op Resident Evil 5 with my brother. I scare very easy so it's not a game I would play on my own, plus I've never been particularly good at shooting games (I'm too lazy to aim). But we got through it and I became pretty badass by the end!

    • iv never been a fan of resident evil the hole aiming style i preferred battle feild 4 but im more of a forza kinda guy (racing)

  • I don't know if I fall under that category. I'm a chick and I like PC games - mostly just 3rd person, though, and I don't play them all the time. Just long enough to finish them 100%.
    If a game isn't out - that I want to check out - I don't play something sub par...
    So there will be times when I'm not playing anything for 6 months.
    Could I be classified as a gamer chick? xD


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