If you were me, who currently owns a PS4, would you rather buy a digital PS2 game through the new emulation update for the PS4 or?

buy an actual PS2 console to replay all the classic, memorable PS2 games again?

As nice as the PS2 emulation sounds, I honestly hate how the prices a little too high for games that are over a decade old. I also dislike that it still isn't a true backwards compatibility feature and strictly just an emulation to download PS2 games. Even then, Sony most likely will only add a few PS2 games that are the most popular, not a whole lot. I can understand that they can't add all PS2 games but I still have the feeling that they'll only add a few of them.

As much as I love my PS4, I felt that I bought the console a little too early for this new video game generation and should have waited until all the great exclusives come out while the console gets cheaper.
  • Buy the PS2 digital games on your PS4 through PSN/PS2 emulation on PS4.
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  • Just buy yourself another PS2 console to replay all the classic PS2 games.
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  • Others
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  • I still have the PS2 hooked up for a reason. I was NOT going to pay again just so I could play my favorite PS2 classics on a new system. For some games, it would mean you actually had to pay for them three times (if they were also available on PS3 for a price).

    I guess if you don't have your PS2 collection anymore, it doesn't make much sense to buy a PS2 and get all your old games back, even if it would all be cheap as hell. But even so, let's not forget that emulation is hardly an exact science, and the games simply aren't as perfect as they are in their original state.


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