What type of gay are you quiz?

https://www. helloquizzy. com/tests/the-what-type-of-gay-guy-are-you-testJust

for fun!!!
I got: Weirdo

How can you be so full of pride and denial at the same time? DURR! You are The Weirdo, and you're PROUD of it--or, wait. Are you? You have two personality extremes--similar to a Libertarian's political stance. At times, you can be a queen and at others, a jock. People are often confused by you, but that's what attracts the majority of your clique to you. You are rarely boring, and always sporadic in your actions. Perhaps being gay is just a fad for you. If it is, you are SUCH a weirdo!


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  • I can't go to it for some reason


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