I know it was just a dream, but would you have done the same?

I had the most weirdest dream. I dreampt I was at the dentisit, but, the dentist was a tiny toothfairy. He told me to open my mouth so he may examine my teeth. He flew into my mouth and suddenly I felt him trying to pull my tooth out, he was hurting me so I shut my mouth and swallowed him alive. I felt really sorry for him as I could feel him struggle inside me, but I refused to let him out after what he tried to do. I thought about the dream and maybe there is a meaning behind it. But also, even though it was a dream I know I would had reacted the same in real life if I wwas put through all that! Would you had done the same if it were real and happened to you or did I overreact?

I rather not dream at all with some of the most weirdest dreams I been having lately... kinda unsettling!


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  • lmao but no i would have pulled him out and kept him as a little pet. and i have weird dreams too. i had one about 2 justin beibers and angry seals and another one about this guy from my school drinking all my water and i got mad cause i like water


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  • No I would had chewed the fairy then spit it out after.

    If your having weird dreams at night my advice is don't eat candy or anything near bedtime. Also don't drink anything near bedtime. I also read to which ever hand you write with sleep on the opposite side and supposedly you will have good dreams. Also don't go to bed watching a scary movie or over thinking about stuff. Clear your mind and hopefully you should have better dreams.

  • It's too bad in the dream that the dentist didn't just take the time and lovingly polish each of your teeth. Being tiny like that, you'd be like a goddess to him so you would think that he'd treat you accordingly.

  • I had a dream when I was 7 i had a dream about cartoon snow white (nothing like crush) but story is like I was chopping wood on a hill top and behind from my back comes snow white and asks where is the castle... I finger point it towards a dark mountain and then she jumps off the hill and commits suicide as she could never reach there for prince to marry her... The dream was a HORROR to my seven year old heart.
    You can Imagine it that I can still remember it crystal clear in my memories...


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