Is my guitar playing in time with the backing instruments?

Sorry i didn't mean to put it twice :s


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  • It sounds slightly behind from the piece of it I heard.

    If you use the DAW logic (other DAWs have similar stuff too) and you are slightly on time with a note, there is actually a tool called "flex tool" in it. With it, you can drag small sections of audio to match with your time. It may not work as well since that would sync audio out of video, but still...

    For covers like this, I believe most people tend to record it and then play along with it after the fact. I think of it as the video just being proof that they have the ability to play it while the recording of it plays overhead and shows their result.

  • Haters gonna hate. Go to any concert and you'll quickly see that even the people who recorded the original music don't replicate it perfectly every time. Seriously, do the people talking shit even play?

    Tell them to post up or shut up.

  • And time for me to go practice alternate picking more.

    Its fine bro

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