Asian man are weak? Why is so rare to have good Asian fighters outside of fiction movies?

The best fighters are always white and some blacks, the heavy weight champion of boxing was Klitschko since 2005, have this new Tyson Fury too, but Americans still showing old black boxers like Myke Tyson in their propaganda and don't create marketing for new fighters in the same way in the times of Mike Tyson, anyway but I never liked Boxe because UFC is better and complete and have other sports that are more fun, the best fighters on UFC are white and some blacks. I don't remember someone white or black losing a fight for a Asian on UFC, it's very rare to happens.

Lyoto Machida is a brazilian mixing of Asian, amerindian and white, so he is not Asian and don't look like Asian and he is not obsessed about race and don't consider Asian, he just don't think about race, he is brazilian, but he is not good anymore. Bruce Lee is a fiction fighter from Movies, the only real good Asian fighter is the Philipino guy of the light weight boxe.


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  • If I remembered correctly, there's also Cung Le.

    They are rare but they do exist, at least according to this:

    You have to ask and look deeper on the motive and purpose or cause on why someone would want to fight and compete or even be involved with those kind of activities in the first place. What are they really hoping to achieve and accomplish?

    Because maybe those guys don't really care about the "prize" (typically it's a cash sum or something) or the "championship" titles, in other words "fame". And if that does not motivate them or that they do feel that is what they really want then what would be the point of them being involved in the first place?

    Those are just competitive sports that have rules. And sometimes those sports are nothing more than another business. Money makes the world goes round. T wholes sports business can get corrupt from all the gambling and betting that the outcome on who won and who loss becomes rigged at some point. Trust me, it can and does happen.

    And if someone has looked deep into that and became aware of that kind of unethical thing can happen, then that may just cause them to make the decision to be involved at all in those kind of businesses and activities in the first place.

    And just because they don't want to be involved with those kind of competitions or businesses doesn't make them "weak".

    It all depends on how you look at it.

    Sometimes there are illegal underground fights you never even heard about and who knows?

    There could be good fighters of all various races, cultural backgrounds and ethnicity in these underground illegal fights. INCLUDING Asians.

    But because these are Illegal matches then the match will never be advertised to the public is well kept hidden so you never really know these fighters despite that they could be real good and have the potential to even take on some of the most well known MMA fighters to the public.

  • Well, to be fair the best Asian fighters are ninjas. And you never see those guy until its too late