For those GAGers that are Playstation fans, which of the 4 Playstation home consoles do you think are the best?

I know it's a little too early and unfair to throw in the PS4 since it's only been around for almost 3 years but I'll still throw that in since they've already released a couple of great exclusive games.

PS1 -
For those GAGers that are Playstation fans, which of the 4 Playstation home consoles do you think are the best?

PS2 -

PS3 -

PS4 -

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Most Helpful Girl

  • PS3 & PS4

    Because PS3 has backward capability so it's essentially PS1 and PS2 also.

    • They took it away for the ps2 backwards capability

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    • I did. the one i had didn't play, but it broke, and my family shares a ps4 now.

    • Only the early models can play PS2 disks.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I never owned PS1 or PS4 and really don't plan to at this point.

    But I still have a PS2 and a PS3,

    The PS2 had the biggest impact in video gaming history. The first time Backward Compatibility was done well and actually mattered at the time.

    That and because their ability to play DVDs really gave them the huge lead in that industry and it really sold really well.

    I hated how in PS3 they kept removing features to cut costs to keep profits up, etc. And I always thought that when they removed backward compatibility with PS2 games on the later PS3 models that it was nothing more than deliberate business decision.

    I think they rather consumers spend money on the newer PS3 games by making them choose to either buy 2 systems to play 2 different generations games or that they would have to spend possibly even more money on the earlier PS3 models that still had full backward compatibility with PS2 games.

    But on the upside PS3 is the generation of where Online Multiplayer games became the big thing for consoles.

    • Thanks for MHO!

      Actually, there is a small chance I might get PS4 eventually for Mortal Kombat XL, but I would only do so if I see a really good system and game bundled offer and if possible a discounted offer of some kind if they eventually do release one.

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  • I've only owned a ps2 and a ps4, and I think I'll always have a soft spot for my 2.


What Guys Said 4

  • PS1 without question for me. Moddable, tons of games, cheat cartridges, and some of the games that started the best franchises today like Metal Gear Solid, Gran Turismo...

    PS2 I found had poor loading times, the controller didn't do much for me (the stupid pressure-based thing wasn't as good as triggers) and all the graphics were choppy and muddy looking.

    PS3 still had inferior triggers on the controller, and it was obsessed with downloading patches for hours and hours. Preferred the 360.

    PS4 I haven't bothered with. No exclusives have convinced me to spend that much on a system.

  • PS2 was one of the most reliable systems I've ever owned, not to mention fully backwards compatible. I've had mine for around 14 years at this point, and it still works fine.

  • Diffidently PS2.

  • Ps2. It has several great games.