If you could have any show on DVD what would you pick?

I'd pick rescue 911
unsolved mysteries

Any show that is NOT yet on DVD


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  • If i had to choose one show to own on DVD, I would have to pick The Flash season 1 (2014), mainly because I think it has to be one of the best shows out on TV right now. The acting is good with good character development, the stories are gripping with amazing twists, and the special effects are amazing for a TV show. Totally worth watching on DVD :)

    • Just saw the update, even so, i would still pick the The Flash, but I would just change it to season 2 instead :)

    • I would get rescue 911 or johnny Carson too

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  • Real Time with Bill Maher. Lots of good interviews and moments.

    • I think he's a dick. But I do wish all shows were on DVD

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