Would you like it if supernatural physical beings existed in this world?

Like vampires, werewolves, trolls, elves, fairies, chupacabras, nymphs, mermaids, dwarfs, sprites, succubi etc.

Or do they already exist or existed in the past?
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  • Everything you could possibly imagine
    already exists in the universe.
    Creation is only the projection into form
    of that which already exists.

    Once you realize that all
    comes from within,
    that the world in which you live
    is not projected onto you,
    but By you,
    Your fears come to an end.

    • bullshit. the world and its beings existed far before people. i can't get how smart people can believe such idiotic things.

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    • aizu you are such i weirdo but i like you. well i'd change that a bit and make it "make the world amazing". its true we all can.

    • That's what I want to hear. "supernatural beings" may not physically exist
      but if one believes in them, they surely exist in that persons thoughts, no? ^.~

Most Helpful Girl

  • It would make living on Earth a hell of a lot more interesting.


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  • With vampires there is a chince to get an supernatural eternal life for humans, so they are the best supernatural physical beings that the humans can have in this world, yes I know that vampires might feed on human, but it's still might worth it in this case, even though is might be depend on how evil or not evil the vampires would be, and on if they can survive without killing on daily basis.

    I know that werewolves in some stories are also have an eternal life, but it's nearly as common with werewolves as with vampires, simply because werewolves are not undead, and vampires are not aging mainly because they are technically already dead. As for other supernatural physical beings, human can't because one of them, so they are much less relevant for humans, but they can still make the world more interesting, so it might not be a bad idea to have them around.

    tvtropes. org/.../SlidingScaleOfVampireFriendliness

    • I mean that it's not nearly as common with werewolves as with vampires. :)

  • depends on if the legends are true, or what legends.

    I would NOT want any of those creepy sissy sparkly stalker vampires from Twilight, nor would I really want any of the other kind.

    Werewolves, they bite and shed all over. Plus, I'm probably allergic anyway. That would be terrible if I got bit and then every full moon I'd be a booger werewolf. More gross than scary. So no.

    Fairies... eh. Depends on where they're from. But they'd probably get hit by cars and be more dangerous. Cracking windshields and all.

    Chupacabras... isn't that some sort of Mexican food? ;)

    Mermaids - if they're like the Harry Potter ones, no.

    Dwarfs... we have non magical ones.

    Sprite makes me gassy and sick to my stomach. Mountain Dew is better.

    Succubi. Well, it has the word "suck" in it, so it can't be good. (Yeah, stole that one from Big Bang Theory)

  • I wouldn't really care. But if a mean bully supernatural being existed I would want Sam and Dean to save me!!!

  • Ghost would be nice. i'd get an update on what family has been up too.

  • nahh. I think these fantasy mythological creatures are lame


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