What story hero (s) do you like more?

The ones who stand up and do what needs to be done? Or the ones who are chosen to save the world? So I go this question from watching the star wars trilogy, the first matrix movie and the Lord of the rings trilogy. And I came to a conclusion of, I felt more emotion while watching Lord of the rings than I did for star wars or the matrix and other movies like that.

(Star wars/Matrix/Harry potter): A chosen one by fate to save the world.

(Lord of the Rings/300/Dark Knight trilogy): Hero's who volunteer to do what needs to be done. To stand up to evil, not because it's what they're destined to do, but because its the right thing to do. Knowing they're most likely going to die.

Which story do you like better? The chosen one (s) who are destined to saved the world? Or a hero or group of hero's who fight because its the right thing to do?
  • I prefer the chosen one.
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  • The hero who does what needs to be done.
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  • Definitely, those who volunteer! No second thoughts!

  • hmm wow this is only hard because harry pothead is my favorite but 300 and lord of the rings are bad ass! I'll have to go with the volunteer. but spiderman and hulk were the shittttt spiderman was involuntary lol dude got bit hahah

    • I feel like spider man is a volunteer as well. Can't wait to see him in civil war.

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