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"The beauty of silence is an amazing thing. Indifference is ugly until you realize importance has nothing to do with you. Until you make a difference you are indifferent no matter how big your thoughts are."

So I found this on Reddit about a week ago and thought it was interesting and saved it. I think the overall meaning of it is basically not to just sit on your butt whilst having these huge dreams - you have to actually act and make them tangible. At the same time the first two sentences sort of confuse me? Any thoughts?


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  • The first sentence is actually straightforward, but doesn't have much to do with what follows. But it sounds good so the writer of this quote just spliced it in there. The second sentence is so incoherent and ambiguous that it really doesn't have the profundity the writer thinks it does. Your interpretation of the gist of the third sentence is about as good as anybody could do with this quote.

  • It's pretty much just that "anyone can talk, but only few will act".
    The first one is (as I see it) that it's better to stay silent, than speak without thinking.


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