Girls, Would any of you ladies be my valentine if I asked?

I don't wanna say I have low self esteem but I am fearful of rejection... I just hate taking an interest in a woman and she rejects me so I don't pay too much attention because you never know the outcome andrejdction hurts a lot more than people tend to think. Anyway I've been single for many years but not because I can't get a girlfriend, I'm just... Lets just say my last relationship hurt soon bad it's left me paranoid... I'm just afraid I'll get betrayed again after falling deeply Inlove with someone... I'm honestly beginning to think I'm ugly now πŸ˜… maybe I'm being stupid I dunno. Anyway let's take a vote. If I asked one of you ladies to be my valentine and let me take you out to dinner and buy you flowers and valentine candy and maybe a teddy, would you accept or turn me down?

(keep in mind, I don't expect nothing out of you. I'm not expect you to like sleep with me or proclaim your love to me lol... It'd be fun Just to spend the day with you talking and hugging and making jokes and stuff...)
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  • I'd lie and say someone else asked me because your not attractive to me Jasper😅
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lol cold game
Either I'm ugly or I just have an assholes personality 🙊😔


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  • If I weren't married, I would but you gotta bring the bike, deal? πŸ˜‰


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  • I know how you feel but there's always that risk you have to take if you wanna find true love!

    I'm scared to but little by little I try, even if it's just talking in a friendly way because ignoring someone you like gets you No Where

  • Lol sure I would Jasper. The bigger the teddy, the better πŸ˜‰

    • Hahaha I'll get a giant teddy! The ones you gotta tie down to your car lol!☺️ And I'll put flowers in his hand and chocolate hearts in the other... Then I'll surround his feet with rose peddals and spray him with some kind cologne... Oh man you wouldn't be able to resist him... You might like being around the teddy more than me 😀

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    • Lol nooo! Leave him alone! There's one thing that you can do that teddy can't, so just remember that when I'm giving all my attention to him.

  • Yeah but you came a little too late. hahah!

  • I would! Just don't get all mushy on me lol

  • You sound hounest and that is a good qualaty for a man to have. I would say you shouldn't be paranoid and just go for it!πŸ™‚


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