Girls, Any girl here uses this app?

The app called Episode.
Basically it's an app where you can "read" stories that are animated and it lets you make choices to change the story!

My best friend (her name is Rose) is writing a story right now. It's about a girl called Ashley who got accepted in a prestigious dance school in NY. She has to handle the drama, the pressure and of course, try to find love (that's the main goal haha.). I played it the other day and I liked it! (and I'm not just saying that because she's my bff)

So if you have a moment, and if you have the app, could you maybe check it out?

The story is called "Dancing my way to your heart."
  • Not interested (no offense)
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  • Not interested, it probablly sucks anyway.
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  • I didn't know the app, but you made me curious... I might check out her story
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  • I have the app, and I might check out her story
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  • I have the app, and I will check out her story, it sounds cool.
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  • I will check it out hahah I have the app...

    • thank you ! it means a lot to her :)

    • I just did all of the episodes haha I liked it a lot

    • Oh wow! well thanks!
      I'll let her know :) thanks for your time

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