Lol anyone else watching the Flavor of Love reruns on VH1 right now?


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  • New York used to be my baby 😂
    I was mad as hell that she was checking for his ugly ass.

    • Lol New York was ugly too though, but she was the realest haha. I was rootin for Hoopz but i knew she was just after the fame. But aye, tomorrow they playin I Love New York reruns

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  • lmao yess! i used to love this like 10 years ago. and that one dating show with tila tequila lol

    • Tila Tequila was too nasty haha, but yea Flav is on right now! Im so ready for the NY and Punkin fight

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    • Lol i forgot about this girl Goldie barfing on the first night haha

    • I used to root for Serious and Hoopz on this first season

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  • Nope...