Do any songs "take you back" and make you feel nostalgic for that time?

For me, whenever I hear songs like Hey There Delilah, Bubbly, Chasing Cars etc. , I feel like I'm in 2006-2007 all over again, and I wish so badly that I hadn't taken it for granted back then.

So, what songs take you back to "the good old days"?


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  • Wonderwall always takes me back. Chasing Cars and Hey There Delilah are classics. I'm Yours and Viva la Vida too. How to Save a Life, The Reason, Drops of Jupiter, Iris, She Will Be Loved, Use Somebody, Hotel California, Snow, With or Without You, Sweet Child O' Mine, I Won't Give up. 👍 Might be basic but they always make me feel like I'm in the early 2000's.

    • Oh yeah. I still remember how to save a life, the reason, she will be loved and of course I'm Yours (That's another classic). And I also grew up hearing a lot of 80s music, so I did hear Sweet Child often, as well as Don't Stop Believin'.

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    • Yep! I would be a pre-teen too and think that the modern stuff was good but then I realized it wasn't modern and was super bummed. I don't remember so many lyrics but the beat always makes me feel nostalgic hah :)

    • Yeah, same. I could remember exactly what the song sounded like but not know the lyrics. it just takes the first few seconds of instrumental for nostalgia to start flooding in.

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